3D Brushes for Procreate

The Breaks
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Hey Procreator!

Have you run out of two dimensional ideas for your hand lettering projects? Try these 3D-lookin’ brushes to spruce things up. The Breaks have created a set of 10 brushes and 2 bonus effect brushes that will help you kick your lettering game up a notch.

Use the two-color brushes for fun and colorful effects, and the single color brushes for simple, grainy and textured strokes.

The set contains 10 custom brushes and 2 bonus effect brushes, all made from custom shapes and designed to look like they’re popping out of the screen!


To install, download the brush set file on your iPad. In Procreate, locate the “+” icon in the brush dropdown, as though you were creating a new brush. From there, tap on “Import” and locate “The Breaks 3D Brushes V1.brushes”.

Tap on the file, and voilà! You should see a new brush set with that name, with the 12 sexy new presets ready to use.

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10 Procreate brushes, some example artworks and tips to get the most out of the brush set!

Procreate (5+) for iPad
These brushes are 2D brushes made to look voluptuous 🤤 They’re not the same as the (actual) 3D paint feature in Procreate.
For best results
Use Apple Pencil for extra pressure control and expression.
Usage rights
Personal or commercial use. Not to be repackaged or resold.
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3D Brushes for Procreate

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